404 with SSL+subdomain

I have been going crazy trying to resolve this but to no avail.

I’m trying to set up SSL for a subdomain on my website. There are two identical vhost entries in httpd.conf, with the exception that one has :80 and the other has :443. The SSL entry also has the SSL cert file entries.

Yet when I try to access any subdomain file over SSL i get a 404. Any thoughts? Why would this be happening?

I will be eternally grateful for any help.


PS: I do have a wildcard cert

Hard to tell from here, since it sounds like it should Just Work ™
Any rewrite rules in .htaccess files getting in the way perhaps? Maybe the website doesn’t want to work on SSL for some reason, like it’s trying to parse what to do from the REQUEST_URI but doesn’t understand https?

PS. I don’t the think the SSL cert is the problem, so unless everything else fails I wouldn’t debug that just yet.

Thanks so much for the response.

Checking .htaccess was a good idea. I forgot to check that but it didnt end up being the problem.

In the end I identified the problem as a missing:
NameVirtualHost *:443

I’m still not trying to figure out apache conf settings so didnt realize the significance of this. I wish there was an easier way to diagnose and debug these issues.

Thanks again for the help though!