3d studio max

on which website i can learn 3d studio max free?

I would try youtube first as it has “About 250,000 results”

i know.but i want one free website wher i can learn step by step

There is no one go-to resource for learning how to use specific software packages. Tutorials and instructional videos tend to be spread out and written by different authors. You’ll simply have to search.

For example: https://www.google.com/search?q=3d+max+beginner+tutorials

Additionally, keep in mind that this is a web development forum, not a 3D modeling forum, so don’t expect too many responses for this topic here. It simply isn’t the right audience.

Google is your friend, if you do not like reading then perhaps listening ? Then search on Youtube I can tell you from my personal experience there are good tutorial on 3dmax, I did some work with 3dmax/pftrak/after effects always wound good tutorial on youtube. Or you can download dvd tutorials for 3dmax.

Try this website, you can find all the tutorial so that you can able to learn the proper use of the software. Click Here

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