301 Redirects

Is it possible to use PHP for 301 Redirects without upsetting the SE’s?

Thanks in advance.

Use 301 Redirects for what?
And what upsets SE’s? Not all folks SE experts here.

I want to use my web pages with the .php extension and not my existing .htm extensions. Therefore, the only way I can think of doing this is to redirect them but I am not too sure how the SE’s would look upon the redirects.

Any help would be appreciated.

Now it makes sense.
You can’t use PHP to redirect, but you can ask your web-server to do it.
if you make it Permament - nothing bad would be with SEs. You just changed resource URL, permanently

There are can be some nitty-gritty details about 303 and SEs but it can be more suitable to discuss it into seo forums, I think.

Many thanks for your help. I will look along the SEO threads.