30+ Web Tools and Services to Help You Launch Your Next Big Thing

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2019 is the best year to become successful, to launch your own online or offline business, to invent a product or service, or to grow your business into a huge corporation. Because to sketch, test, build and launch that business that will become the next Uber, Instagram, or Waze is now easier than ever before.

The difference between now and previous years, is that there are now a plethora of web tools and services to help you launch your next big thing - some of them are even free! Today anybody can build a website or logo without any specialist knowledge or previous experience. With only a few hours investment, you can get amazing results. It's a quick and affordable way to get your site or product to market.

In this article we are going to review 36 different web tools and services that are recommended by successful people. Each of them will save you time and money, or help improve your business and workflows, so you can get on with launching and scaling.

1. Creative-TIM - Premium Bootstrap Themes and Templates

Creative Tim

Creative Tim is the perfect place where web designers and web developers can find fully coded UI tools to help you build web and mobile apps. With over 750.000 users, Creative Tim offers UI Kits, Dashboards and Design Systems.

All the development is made on top of Bootstrap 4: Vuejs, Angular, React, React Native. Using these tools will save developers and designers hours of work since the products already contain a large number of components and are packed with all the plugins that you might need on a project. Everything used to create the products can be downloaded for free under the MIT License.

For people with many upcoming projects, Creative Tim offers 6 Bundles at special prices, to encourage developers to save precious time and to trust the quality of their projects. Last but not least, Creative Tim’s products are used not only by thousands of freelancers and developers but by top companies like NASA, Cisco, IBM, and Amazon.

Check out their website and find the product that matches your needs. Pricing: Free to $249

2. Brizy - Innovative Site Builder


Brizy is the most user-friendly visual page builder in town! No designer or developer skills required. The only tools you'll need to master are clicks and drags.

Brizy can be used two ways. One is to download the WordPress plugin and use it as such, and the next one is the Cloud platform where you can create landing pages in minutes. From hosting to domain setups Brizy handles everything. Brizy Cloud is included with any Brizy PRO plan.

Creating a powerful, fully functional website is extremely easy with Brizy and anybody can do it without having any designer’s skills or writing a single line of code. This website builder has the most powerful features included, both for the free and paid plans. The free account will bring you premium features that you have to pay for on other website builders. At Brizy, these features are free.

Build a free website with Brizy today, the process is very fast and intuitive.

3. Tailor Brands

Tailor Brands

Tailor Brands is a revolutionary online logo and branding platform that will help you design your logo in seconds. It has over 10 million users and counting, and it was used to create over 400 million designs. Every second 1 a new design is made via it.

This AI-powered online logo maker platform does not use pre-made logo templates. Every design is uniquely crafted to match your business and brand personality perfectly. You don’t need to have any design skills or special knowledge, it is super simple to use and extremely fast.

Write down the logo name you want, make a few selections from the options provided by Tailor Brands and you will get a number of designs to choose from.

4. 48HoursLogo – Affordable Logos Done Fast


48hourslogo is a fast, easy and very affordable logo crowdsourcing website that has created over 3 million logos. With contest prizes starting at just $99, more than 40,000 small businesses and entrepreneurs have used this amazing logo design service to get gorgeous and creative designs.

After launching your logo design contest at 48hourslogo, your project will go through 3 stages before arriving at your final design. The qualifying stage: the contest is open to all registered designers and they will submit multiple logo concepts for you to choose from. The design revision stage: at the end of qualifying stage, you will be prompted to select up to 3 finalist designers to enter the “design revision stage”. And at the end, the finalizing stage: after selecting your contest winner, you will work with your winning designer on finalizing your design, (you can still request small changes and tweaks to your winning logo).

Start a logo design contest using 48hourslogo.

5. Codester


Codester is a huge marketplace where web designers and web developers will find tons of premium PHP scripts, app templates, themes, plugins and much more.

Always check the Flash Sales section where hugely discounted items are being sold.

Browse Codester and pick the items you need.

6. NameQL


NameQL helps you find a great name. It considers thousands of potential names in milliseconds and shows you the best ones that are still available for purchase as [name].com. It'sa huge time saver whenever you are looking for a new website domain name.

7. SeekVisa


Australia is a great destination to live and work, with developers, software engineers and user experience/user interface designer in high demand. If you're considering immigrating to Australia, you can discuss with SeekVisa, who are migration experts.

Australia's Employer Nomination Scheme (ENS) enables Australian employers to sponsor highly skilled workers to live and work permanently in Australia. This is the quickest way for IT developers to immigrate to Australia. Contact Seekvisa to determine your eligibility.

8. MobiLoud


Publishers are seeing up to 90% of their traffic coming from mobile. Mobile apps give readers the experience they want and let publishers increase engagement, traffic, and revenue.

With fast loading times, your app encourages loyalty and repeat visits. With push notifications, it brings people back again and again. Your icon is a constant reminder of your brand and content.

MobiLoud is the best solution for news mobile apps built on WordPress. They will publish and maintain your custom app, with push notifications, advertising and subscriptions, all at a fraction of the time and cost of traditional app development.

Where i can find service for wordpress but build in app?

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