3 Tiered Drop-Down ... Each level horizontal


i have a test site up for a client at the above address. They want a three level drop-down but each list of drop-down items needs to be side by side rather than stacked and ideally be left aligned with the parent.

I have conjured up something but it is really not too pretty (code-wise) and I fear it is very fragile and will break when the client starts updating this Wordpress site.

Has anyone seen anyone else doing something like this successfully?

Stu Nicholls has a number of nice dropline examples here.

What is it that you don’t like about yours?

Most of these menus use the same sorts of techniques so it’s just a matter of placing the dropline in the correct position.

I’m not keen on the multi dropline though as that’s hard to navigate. For more than one level a normal drop down would be better.

Just a warning that some people will find the automated image swapping to be jarring. I had to leave the page and turn off javascript before investigating the menu. Please consider including a pause control.

Thanks for the useability comments Victorinox and Paul. I will pass them on to the client (I have actually already argued against the three tiered dropline but that is what the client wants and I respect that.
Those menu resources are great Paul. I didn’t even know that you called this thing a “dropline” - now I know what I am looking for. i am going to check out that code some more. Cheers!