3 tier link building

Hi ,

Im always on the lookout for new ways to optim ise and I recently heard about linking using a three tier system. i wondered if anyone had any experience of this and whether the feeling was it can be useful. It seems to work, from what i understand, by creating three tiers of links which in effect link to the tier before it and ultimately the website. Seems quite complex - anybody had good results form this?


Its spam. Its pollutes the web with nonsense.

Well, I shall take that as a definate no-no.

thanks :slight_smile:

Dear moderators: If it is spam yopu better take the link down - I don’t want to go giving them any free links!!

Well tjhts what i thought but there doesnt seem to be any other 3rd party websites involved. A clearer description of it is here:


Sounds like a more elaborate kind of link farm to me. If that’s the case, it will have no long-term value at all, and there is a danger that it will backfire and Google will penalise participating sites as soon as it twigs what they’re up to.