288 bit long and operation?


I have a 288 bit long 2 string. on which I want to perform “AND” operation…

if someone has done big number mathematics in PHP let me know which library you have used.

I had gone thru GMP library if someone knows other useful library please share. I am collecting the various library options.


There’s also the BC Math extension.

Pear Math_BigInterger abstracts GMP, BC Math and a version in pure PHP. It goes from best to worst. (GMP -> BC Math -> PHP).


Erm, if its a binary representation of a 288 bits, ie 38 bytes long then can just use the & operator.

oh gr8!! So i can use & operator itself… I may not be needing special library… some people say…that at time ‘&’ operator do not reflect correct result …??

& and | are giving me expected output but with some reason I do not understand … when i perform XOR it gives alll the dummy characters…

any help?

this is resolved