2014 in Review, Niches Become Mainstream

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2014 was quite a year, especially for technology and how it affects everyone. Here are some of my highlights, lowlights and observations on the year and how it maybe affected developers.

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I’m throwing one more frivolous one in…

“Are Static blog generators the new JavaScript Framework for 2105?”


I think you meant, “Were CMSes getting too bloated in 2014?”, which is why I switched to a static generator. I just gave up on all the work Wordpress required to get it to run quickly and efficiently – it went from “it is simple, out of the box”, to “you really need to pay close attention to me!”


I think that we reinvent the wheel all the time… but have no definitive solution for anything!

The problem is that while some pages are completely static, some others may not. Example, a blog article may stay the same during years to come (or if the writer is good, maybe update it once in a while) but if you depend on ads to survive, or affiliate links, those parts are not static, no matter how hard your try.

Or a search. A search has to be dynamic, all the time and everytime.

So yes, CMS are bloated… so we go back to static tools like Jekyll or similar so pages load faster, etc… but for some it may not be a solutions so then go back to some other CMS… and then loading time suffers, you go back to twicking and hacking and still have issues… and this process repeats over and over again.


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