2013 Best source for learning facebook development?

Hello everyone,

Is there anyone wouldn’t mind to share what’s the best source to learn about facebook development today? Cause facebook has been changed a lot since 1 years ago, some of the things has been depreciated or removed and i believe it will be continuously happen in the future. Is there any books, videos or website that can offered guides for beginner (probably PHP, JavaScript language) on how to build apps step by step (inc. settings and configurations. e.g. non-expired access token…etc)?

And i know a lot would suggest developers.facebook.com and i did read some of the articles and guides. Sometimes i found it’s a bit difficult for me to understand all the elements that mentioned. And i also knew there is a support at stackoverflow but i found that it’s very easy to get banned or points reduced for beginner as they expect every question to be very specific, clear with code supplied or else many members will mark your post down. Sometimes its really hard to be very specific for beginners as they don’t have a broad understanding of many other elements. Please don’t get me wrong, i’m not saying any bad words about the help supports that i’ve mentioned. It just that i think i’m a rookie and not qualify to participate for any activities on those experts / gurus forums / website yet.

Some of the features that i expect to learn are such as

  • creating album & photos upload to fan’s page (i’ve started a separate thread last week but still no response yet, not sure why) without trigger permission request.
  • App settings and configurations
  • Long live Access tokens and how to obtain different element’s ID
  • Graph API

Thank you for stop by and reading this far. And will be my pleasure to have your feedbacks :slight_smile:

As this question is more development oriented than content oriented, I have moved it here from Social Media.

Honestly? The best resource is Stack Overflow and the official Facebook developer site. The official dev site to see what the documentation currently says, and Stack Overflow to see what parts of the documentation people are struggling with…

It’s not ideal, but since Facebook are so keen to constantly change the API the only thing you can do is either attach yourself to a good SDK (the unofficial C# SDK is great, and the official PHP/JS SDK’s are both fairly good). My last Facebook job involved using both the C# and JS SDK’s together on a .NET 2 project and after some huge issues and no documentation the project was finally complete. It was one of the most painful projects I’ve ever worked on.

A small hint for anyone landing here from Google. If you are working on a Facebook page that uses authentication and it doesn’t work in Internet Explorer then look at P3P values. It took me TWO WEEKS to figure this out and it drove me to the brink.


Thank you for your feedbacks, i’m really appreciate!

Yes i found that facebook had changed a lot since last year the last (small) project that i’m working on. That’s why i was hoping if there is a book that could leads me through (but i guess if there is such book the instructions in there won’t last long either lol). I’m glad to heard that you have put a full stop on your project, Congratulations :slight_smile:

And also thank you for your tips. Will keep that in mind and hope that spread to everyone as well :slight_smile: