2011 SPF Community Awards - Time to vote!

[center]2011 SPF Community Awards
Deadline to vote: December 18th, 2011[/center]

Last week, we surveyed the SitePoint Forums community to give us names for who they thought best represented the various areas of the forum.

These names have been gathered, vetted and organized, and these are the top names given by our members - it’s up to you to help decide who’s the best of the best!

And to make it all a little more tempting, SitePoint has stepped in and offered to give out not one, not two, not three, not even four, but FIVE $200 vouchers good for any SitePoint product to those who participate in the voting. Not bad, huh? A few minutes of your time, and not only are you recognizing the other members of the forums for their hard work and dedication, but you could get something out of it too?

Here are the only stipulations:[LIST=1]
[]You do NOT have to vote for every award, but you can only vote once regardless, so be sure you’re done!
]If you want a chance at one of the vouchers, you MUST provide your SPF username AND the email you’re registered there under. They must match, or you won’t be in the running for the vouchers.
[]Voting is only open until December 19th, 2011 at 12:00AM GMT so get your votes in now!
]If you’re in the running for an award, good luck!
[/LIST][center]VOTE NOW!!![/center]

Voted! Good luck, everyone! :slight_smile:

Voted :slight_smile:


Good luck to all.

Voted - good luck to all those in the running and well done to all those who were nominated!

I voted. The single choices made it easy. :smiley:

Voted :slight_smile:

Voted. There were a few difficult choices. :slight_smile:

Done my duty, and good luck to all those voting and those in the running… or is it standing. :smiley:

Woohoo. Done my voting. Congratulations to all the nominees.

It would be great to a few more some non-staff members here :wink:

The trick with such voting is that the ones who do very well often get pulled up into staff :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Voted - except in the few categories where I am not familiar enough with any of tose nominated to have an opinion or where I was one of those nominated.

Voted. Congratulations and good luck to everyone who is in the running!

Wow…!!! :slight_smile:

Looking at the caliber of the other nominees in my 2 categories I doubt I was in the first round of nominations and I’m sure one of the other nominees will win, so I’d like to take this opportunity to say thank you to my mum :for_you: for nominating me :slight_smile: :tup: and so I should get 1 vote in each at least.

My votes are in, and no, I didn’t even vote for myself :lol:

Good luck to everyone nominated :slight_smile:

I’m still wondering who in their right mind would nominate me. :lol:

I had been wondering that as well. (About me, not you :P). It’s nice to know somebody​ thinks we’re cool, right?

Voted :slight_smile:

Idem! :slight_smile:

My votes are in. That is a very good group of nominees. Congrats and good luck everyone :slight_smile: