20 Docs and Guides for Front-End Developers (#4)

Extract from Sitepoint article ‘20 Docs and Guides for Front-End Developers (#4)’ by Louis Lazaris

It’s that time again to get learning! Well, in this industry, that time is always I suppose. This is the fourth of such posts I’ve put together and this might be the best one yet.

I’ve stumbled across and collected lots of different guides and learning resources in recent months and this is the latest installment.


  1. Loupe

This is “a little visualisation to help you understand how JavaScript’s call stack/event loop/callback queue interact with each other.” It’s interactive, allowing you to include your own custom code and then execute it, and there’s also a video presentation on the same topic.


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As someone who has been dedicating a lot of time to ARIA lately, thank you so much for those periodic tables and ARIA examples. VERY helpful!

I don’t agree with giving users specific screen sizes for mobile devices, since that will give people the wrong idea to code for the devices, but I’ll leave that be :slight_smile: .

Technically px is a relative unit of measurement though, I think? I have an itch in my head that it’s actually relative. I did some Googling to confirm and I came across multiple links all confirming, more or less.

Relative to the viewing device.
For screen display, typically one device pixel (dot) of the display.
For printers and very high resolution screens one CSS pixel implies multiple device pixels, so that the number of pixel per inch stays around 96.

So it’s relative to what the manufacture wants. Not universal.

I’m just being annoying at this point. Great article Louis.

Technically, you’re right but you know as well as I do that it is considered a fixed unit and not relative because once you set it, you’re done. The dot always has the same size

I understand that. For a website claiming to be a CSS ruler, it should actually have all the information. Not just some.

Probably a note for the newbies. An experienced developer won’t need it and will probably “agree” with the approach

That’s why I need it :smiley: .

Are you looking for compliments, Mr. Reese? :stuck_out_tongue:

No :frowning: .

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