123-reg problems

I bought some domains on 123-reg for a website for a family member. One was name.co.uk and another was name.com.

I have a basic shared host package with enom using 4 domains, so I basically have 4 independent root/top level websites running on this basic host package with enom.

I asked 123-reg if I could do the same with them, they said no, I could only have 1 domain on their shared host package but could forward other domains to this website(externally from the host package).

So I bought a host package with 123-reg and used the .co.uk, sure this was what my family member wanted, only to be told almost immedietly after the purchase they wanted the .com one on the host package.

This was my mistake, I should have reconfirmed the domain before purchase.

Not too worried, I presumed 123-reg would be happy to switch the domain on the host package. I have 4 domains/websites running on a similar basic package on enom(where I have been able to easily switch domains in my control panel) so I assumed 123-reg would be happy to do this for me.

So I asked 123-reg to do this and here is their reply:

Unfortunately it’s not possible to switch Domains on a Shared Hosting Server. You need to cancel the current Package Hosting and order a new Hosting Package.

This sounds like complete BS to me. I was to blame for making assumptions about host policies and not double checking everything, but is there really any reason why 123-reg will not help me out? I see no technical reason since I can do all this stuff myself on enom through my own user control panel. I can only see that 123-reg wants to make more money out of me.

I have asked if they would refund my purchase if I re-order a new host package with the correct domain set up, but I am not optimistic, since I believe their agenda is simply to make more money from me, and there is no technical reason they cannot fix my issue.

Is it just me or does 123-reg’s services seem like a rip off? Regarding the limitations of switching domains on host packages.

I used to be hosted with them, and I completely sympathise with you. Their hosting for the money is dire, and there are far better hosts (when I started, they didn’t have PHP/MySQL either!).

I will say that domains are fine and a pretty responsive reg, but not for hosting!

Wow that is very bad. The crazy thing is that he probably said that so they would make a few $ more since I doubt they would refund you for the first month you have already paid for.

If I was you I would find another hosting company that has nothing or very little to do with domain names. It seems like every domain registrar has very bad hosting services (123-reg, Godaddy, Enom).


The lesson from this is always… avoid getting your hosting from a domain registrar. They are a business and like most businesses will focus most of their energy into their core infrastructure, thereby additional services they offer will almost always suffer as a result. I see it time and time again, whether it’s 123reg, 1&1, Godaddy or someone else… if you want a good host, get it from a business that’s reputable for hosting, don’t just buy it as a bonus feature from a domain registrar trying to squeeze a few extra bucks out of you. I buy my domains and hosting separately and I’ve never had any issues like that in my life. :slight_smile:

Alex you are right but there are a lot of honest domain name registrars and web hosting providers offering all in one solutions for their customers.

I’m not saying their dishonest, but you can’t really have your business give equal focus to two entirely different business plans (without having them separately managed and run). If their a domain registrar, most of their key knowledge and skills will be in that subject, not hosting. While I say this it’s not to say they can’t strike up a balance (because some people do manage to do that) but it’s just the way things are. You spread yourself out, you dilute your brand quality.

Sadly, but it is true. SOME web hosts hurt the reputation of all market. I think because of them a lot of web hosting companies are loosing potential domain name regostration customers.

I do recommend everyone register domain names and buy web hosting in different places. That is recommended.
Do not keep all eggs in the same basket.

To my shock but delight, 123 refunded the old account and I reoredred a new one. Why they could not simply change the domain name on the original host package baffles me.

I am surprised about your opinion on hosting on a different place to registering. I have had no problems with Enom hosting and switching domains on my host space there can be done in seconds. If I hosted with someone other than enom I would have have an extra set of account details to remember for another host, the hassle of DNS services accross different companies, the hassle of cross-support accross different companies etc.

Do not keep all your eggs in the same basket works as a philosophy sometimes, but I do not see how in this case. Since that philosophy works say with money in different banks -if one bank goes under you wont lose all your money, but say if I had domains with one company and a host with another company, and one company went under -my site would break down since it requires both parts(domain+ host) so I see no reason to scatter these parts when I can more efficiently control and monitor them in one place. So since I have had a great experience with Enom’s host services who also hold my domains, do you still believe this philosophy applies?