100% free backlinks

Is there any free path to get 100% granted backlinks? I tried forum to get backlinks & I got backlinks. But its not gives 100% granted backlinks. So please anyone suggest me some Successful path.

Let me go ahead and summarize the bottom-line advice you are likely to get on this board: Offer quality content in a niche that isn’t too crowded, and others will link to you naturally.

And yes, I know that’s easier said than done.

Another approach is article writing. In exchange for a well-written 200-400 word article, many free article sites will give you a valuable backlink with the anchor text of your choice.

If you have a blog, you might also try offering to guest post on someone else’s blog.

Exchanging relevant links with related sites may also have some effect, though many insist that it’s quite useless.

By the way, forum backlinks tend to be pretty useless - many are nofollow, and even if they aren’t, the pages they’re on tend to be deep inside the site and crowded with other links.

Free back links generator comes under back hat techniques, Normally it won’t helps to increase your SERP.
Use Natural way of SEO to get Back links using your targeted keywords that will you increase your keyword position.

Why don’t you just ask for backlinks from other sites?

If your site offers relevant information, approach other websites in your niche and ask them to link to you.


Trying to search specific local forums with good pr, local directories, do follow blogs and do follow social bookmarking sites. This will help you in creating quality of backlinks and visits also.


I think it’s depend on how sure those backlink sources indexed by google…

I think Jason’s post (post #2) sums it up pretty well.
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