10 Steps to Design a Terrible Website

Hello SitePoint…

I’ve created a list of awful website design techniques.

You can view it here: http://terriblesite.com/

Opinions? :rofl:

It’s been done a few times, hasn’t it. :slight_smile:

A visual aid someone compiled last month. Some truly hideous sites here, though [URL=“http://www.havenworks.com/”]Havenworks, inexplicably, didn’t make the cut. Yvette’s Bridal Hell has been up for years; I don’t know why she hasn’t seen something of the outrage that’s been coming her way and changed her site. Or maybe she’s just stubborn.

Edit: Congratulations, you have designed a truly awful site. :slight_smile: You even have the marching text in the title bar. (You left out the blaring idiocy in the status bar.) It is chilling to learn that this site is valid HTML and CSS…

:slight_smile: It was quite the effort getting things to validate. I had to abandon the colored scrollbars!

White text on a white background; yes that will impress… Although you forgot to use TABLE layout for an extra bad experience.

Dude. Extra points for the flaming letters. It’s no rainbow jesus or [url=http://www.goer.org/htmlhorror/htmlhorror1.html]O POINTY BIRDS! but it’s still pretty cool. I can almost read it!

Love the validation links at the bottom!! LOVE IT!! VERY CrEaTiVe!!

LOL that’s great Ninja! So true! I remember looking up how to do a lot of that stuff when I first started learning HTML. The colored scrollbars was my favorite headache way back when. :stuck_out_tongue:

Edit: Actually, replacing the default scrollbars on iframes with custom images was my favorite headache, but colored scrollbars are easier to style. x_x hehe

I think to much going on any website can detract from what you are trying to get across or sell. Like most things simple can prove best

Reading is really of great…

I rest my case. :rolleyes:

It is difficult getting out of the site. I could not locate my cursor. :eek:

You are missing marquee, blink tags, frames, flash navigation menus, JavaScript alert boxes that ask your name and age (to place on the site) and animated background GIF’s! Though I must say that it’s always fun to see websites that take me back to the 90’s, and that website does exactly that :smiley:

And a guestbook that doesn’t work. And a raft of meaningless awards. :wink:

I’m ashamed to say that for one of the first websites I coded (back in the late 90s, I believe), I busted my chops to make sure I had a colored scrollbar. Yeesh.

I did the same thing. It was fashionable back in those days. :smiley:

Kohoutek, I had an ENTIRE PAGE of Web awards. My favorite was one guy whose black lab puppy was front and center in his award graphic, though it only scored a 3.215781xg4 on the 1-5 rating from HolyGodTheseWebAwardsRocktheFreakinHeezy.com or whatever it was. And I used a table layout to arrange the awards (and everything else). And a left-sidebar graphic. And ugly nav buttons. And a starfield background for the H1 element. And a status bar message. I probably should have been shot.

I did not, however, join a WebRing. At least not for long.

If I can get it to post, I’ll put an ancient SP graphic I found on the Wayback Machine version of that site.

Ok, you clearly outdid me. I just did a humble neon green scrollbar.

Some other ideas: No right click script, no highlight text script, information that overlaps other information (poorly spaced), all of the things from this checklist…

and the piece de resistance… a lovely banner saying how you made the website.

I tell You what your idea is creative idea! I know And I love it ! Good luck !

Damn you all!!! I’m going to have nightmares tonight :stuck_out_tongue: :lol:

Aw I like everything web 2.0…I guess what you mean if everything is too high gloss and gradiented though. And good work on making that monster xhtml and css compliant.