10 Easy Steps to a Horrible Ecommerce Site

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Nice reading, but you forgot step number eleven:

have your webserver crash once every while!

i had it wrong all along.

I better add in the flash intro that my cus designed…remove thumbnails…remove ssl…hmmm…maybe not :slight_smile:

I believe that I knew most of this, but it was quite entertaining. :slight_smile:

I love the stores that only include pdf’s for the product pages. That makes so nice and it only takes 10 minutes for adobe to load :slight_smile:

This is by far the worst article I have ever read and yes, made myself read the whole thing to be honest about my comments.

I find nothing humorous about the writing style you use in this article. In no way do I find it to be helpful.

Perhaps you should have written an article on what to do and what not to do. Clearly though, you don’t have the experience or attitude to write such an article.

Excuse me while I complain to the site point staff about this article.

BTW, use the forums to rant - please don’t write pointless articles.

Apparently some people don’t get sarcasm. I loved the article. Nice job.

This article may seem like a no-brainer to some, but I encounter ecommerce noobs frequently and they would learn a lot from this article.

Don’t worry, some of us get the piece and style. You can’t always write to appeal to the lowest common denominator you know…

IMO it is unprofessional to rant in an article on a site that is meant to help others. Respect my opinion and I will yours. I don’t see how this article is helpful.

You don’t help people by insulting them. It may only build up a defence and the person will become more grounded in their approach. Second case you might make them depressed and/or feel insulted.

BTW, it is a good idea on the internet to try your best to keep things formal, the goal is to leave no room for misinterpretation. Considering there is a WORLD-wide audience.

I agree with the articles bottom-line but the way it is written and brought across is totally unprofessional, IMO.

Great article and nice to see humour used as a teaching tool.
This reminds me of the book “How to be a Complete and Utter Faliure in Life Work and Everything” it also uses reverse psychology to get the point across. I wonder how many people missed the point of that as well?

Found this article interesting in the way it was written. Wish it was written in a more direct, this is good, this is bad kind of way so I could understand exactly what the point is without having to guess, but that is my opinion.

I did have a question, if I am reading the article right. In the section where it talked about SSL certificates the last sentence reads like they’re are SSL Certificates for a mere $50.

The little research I’ve done says that Verisign and Thawte are the #1 and #2 trusted SSL Cert providers. Verisign being $995/yr and Thawte being about $200/yr. I wish I could still find that comparison article I read, but it showed Verisign around 80% trusted Thwate around 60% trusted and it went down fast from there. I think Geotrust was 3 around 30% trusted and theres are as high as Thawte.

Doing some quick searches while writing this message, I found cheap 128bit SSL certificates around $60, so I could probably find even cheaper, but I’m wondering if only 30% of the online shopping population trusts Geotrust, I’m wondering what these no name SSL places would be like.

I understand they would be better than nothing, but I would think if a company wanted to do the most business online they could, they’d be using Verisign.

Looking for opinions on this mainly. Not doing online business right now, just local business, but have been considering ecommerce for the future. Any input appreciated.


Ditto to the above

I realize that the articles author may have had completely great intentions, and the information it contains is correct however this was all lost in the tasteless and offensive tone contained in this so called article.

Sitepoint listen up… this article has your very name and reputation riding on it… rewrite it with a positive attitude, not with some one who has a gripe to air.

Imagine if this tone came across in your books? People would be made to feel like complete idiots… certainly not conducive to a warm fuzzy customer experience.

Oh come on! Have some fun in life. This is a refreshing article. If you break any of the rules mentioned you are supposed to feel ashamed - if you are a professional webdeveloper that is. Taking money from people without knowing what you are doing are more unethical in my book than hurting a fool or two.

“Imagine if this tone came across in your books? People would be made to feel like complete idiots…”


People who run shops like this are idiots. I only use 2 only stores and one is Amazon. I’m sure there are millions out then but when I use amazon I get my stuff on time, at a good price and once when they sent my a book that was a week later they gave me the book and my money back. It cost them £20 but I now use them for almost all my online shopping.

something to think about?

Ditto to the ditto…

I don’t think this is an article that represents Sitepoint well.

Maybe the author got caught up in his sarcasm while writing it or doesn’t realize how he comes across (as do I - ask my business partner!) but this article should be editted or removed.

It’s unfortunate that the “disclaimer” appears at the end of the article rather than the beginning. It would have better prepared the reader for the sarcasm ahead.

Thanks for all you do, Sitepoint!

I think the article contains very valuable information and it was a great read too

If 30% of the online shopping population has any clue what SSL means I would be incredibly surprised. Much less have an opinion on which companies do it best.

My thoughts exactly. I would bet less than 3% even check anything about the cert. And I bet about .3% would even consider not buying because it came from some other source than GeoTrust or Verisign.

I can see both sides as I’ve tried to help several people with their e-commerce sites with their response being a blank stare or ‘my site is different’. However, I also have questions about what really is better in the way of SSL certificates & such (by the way, there was also a group offering free certificates, but I can’t recall who it was & whether the certificate was strictly for development or not).

I do have to say that the title should be enough of a disclaimer (please see http://webpagesthatsuck.com). I think I’ve read enough stuff on sitepoint to say that the context of the article is quite different from anything else I’ve seen here, but maybe the reason I liked this article has to do with my sarcastic temperament.