1 minute video - suggestions please


In some days at school I have to make a video, that should be one minute long.
It can basically be about anything.

Do you guys have any suggestions what the movie, film, video, whatever can be about?
I appriciate all suggestions and hope to get as many as possible.

/ Kevin :slight_smile:

About something you’re interested in.
And if you do a search on youtube for “1 minute” you might get some inspiration.

Yeah, I might do something about something I’m interested in. I forgot to mention that it should be a movie with a story so I can’t just film some good pictures on my city. :stuck_out_tongue:

I search all the time buddy :smiley:

Just use a movie maker and make a compilation of some videos of movie clips, or animation where you dub a few scenes and write captions and stuff on other parts of the clip.

I dont get what you mean.

“I forgot to mention that it should be a movie with a story so I can’t just film some good pictures on my city.”

I think kvnwptsis working out for a “real movie”. I don’t movie maker would help. Anyways, browsing some videos online do help. But for me I loved watching spoofed TV commercial, I think it would be great for your school project.

Yeah, some kind of spoofed tv commercial would be nice, gona think about it :smiley:
Thanks :slight_smile:

I wouldnt do movie clips, I hate these on you tube. You find something your looking for and suddenly you come across this video with randon clips and a dodgy soundtrack. Anyone can do this. Try and do something unique. Something funny is good as it might go viral, maybe a parody? Change the words to a song you like.

Great, post your final work here so that we also see what you’ve done. Goodluck buddy.

I love it when people interview random people at school and ask random easy questions, then watch the people say horrible wrong answers back. interviews are good, and it’s good to be stupid too.

How about filming a prank or perhaps a somewhat simple yet awesome stunt? that could work.

The films should have a story in it, like a real movie. Hope someone can come up with a good idea.