002-contact page-contact form-set input height

I have a simple contact form https://test.prygara.com/contact/ where I need to make name, email, subject fields taller.

I can do it with line-height and padding on the input elements or it’s just as straightforward as setting a CSS height on those?

Also I guess because the form is so simple I don’t need any flexbox or grid here, right?

You don’t need flex or grid and you can use height and padding but may vary on different browsers etc.

One thing I would suggest is that you use proper labels and not rely on placeholders.

What’s wrong with this form that i filled in?

I have no idea if that is the right data as there are no labels to tell me? This data may have been auto filled by my browser and I just accepted it.

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this might be a shorter solution but trust me this will work fine …

<input type:"text" style="height:20px;">