002-contact page-contact form-set input height

I have a simple contact form https://test.prygara.com/contact/ where I need to make name, email, subject fields taller.

I can do it with line-height and padding on the input elements or it’s just as straightforward as setting a CSS height on those?

Also I guess because the form is so simple I don’t need any flexbox or grid here, right?

You don’t need flex or grid and you can use height and padding but may vary on different browsers etc.

One thing I would suggest is that you use proper labels and not rely on placeholders.

What’s wrong with this form that i filled in?

I have no idea if that is the right data as there are no labels to tell me? This data may have been auto filled by my browser and I just accepted it.

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this might be a shorter solution but trust me this will work fine …

<input type:"text" style="height:20px;">

I removed placeholders as you suggested and added some styling. Please take a look when you get a chance. Not sure if anything else required to improve the contact form.

Paul didn’t say to remove the placeholders, just not to use them instead of providing labels. Most forms will use both.

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Got it. Thanks @Gandalf

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