My newest article, 5 Great Background Masking Techniques in Photoshop, gives you the how-to’s for five different ways to isolate an object in a photo. I also included how long it took me for each method (using the same photo) and a file download.


Corrie is the lead designer and developer for PixelMill and their in-house brand, jgtemplates. This would-be triathlete has a mathematics degree but wishes she had double-majored in computer science and art instead. Maybe next time...

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  • ac070

    Great tutorial. Very concise and I enjoyed 100% following your path and learned.

    Keep up and many thanks.

  • adesignrsa

    Interesting article. I personally vouch for the pen method being the best in most cases, but I like to see other ways of doing things, and there are some interesting alternatives here.

    Deep etching can be extremely laborious, and a speedy alternative on gfx that will look fine with a quickie is much appreciated. (bookmarked :)

  • Jamie

    Anyone else think this should be called beginners corner or starter central? Where is the design theory and concepts that were promised on day one?

  • bruce

    for the complete beginner (me), how do you create a new layer beneath the bee and fill it with red (and stop that layer from showing when you’ve finally finished and saving it?)

  • Temisa

    Fantastic tutorial well done!! Thank you very much you’ve saved me a lot of uneccesary headaches and time!!!

  • Michael

    Great totrial. The best I found on the Web
    Many Thanks!

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