So far, almost all the sites administrators who had little idea of SEO is feared to display content using Javascript and Ajax.

Site owners feared for the use of programming languages ​​to display content useful because Google Bot can not run Java or Ajax scripts and so the content page could not be properly indexed by search engines.

The folks at Google have announced that Google Bot New can run some scripts Ajax and Java, being able to index this type of dynamic content.

The news is great for social networking, status or commenting extensively using Javascript and Ajax in generearea and display content.

For example, many websites owners refused to install Disqus comments system, because Google Bot was not able to index comments viewed with Javascript. Thus, for those using Disqus, comments become null and void in terms of SEO and SERP.

While Facebook did not seem too interested in the search engines indexing comments, Disqus is working hard to reduce this problem by developing the SEO Data Synchronization in Disqus API that allows you to display HTML comments on WordPress blogs.

Following this change, regardless of the strategies of large companies, most end users will gain will enjoy a pleasant web experience.

I'd like to hear your point of views regarding this matter..