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    Hosting help needed

    I have a wordpress site currently hosted with Netregistry which i am having some issues with. Load speed is very slow (i think) and i believe this is having an effect on UI and conversions.

    Site is:
    The site is running Woocommerce with roughly 1500 products on a cPanel hosting platform.

    Do i need to change host / change to a different hosting platform or is it a site coding or software/plugin issue?

    Need some guidance as my web devs tell me its the hosting company, the hosting company tell me its the coding.

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    well, both can be right. the coding does have significance, but i'd go with hosting company if it's veeery slow. I'd recommend taking a new one. used to be good, but then i had issues with speed also, so i switched to now. no problems yet for two years now.

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    Have your devs profile the code! Set up xDebug and run it, it will save a profile that you can then open and see where the bottlenecks may be in the code. If you don't see any bottlenecks in the code, you have a file that proves it isn't the code.
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    CMSes are notorious memory (CPU) hogs and don't belong on shared servers as they're throttled by hosts so all accounts don't suffer.

    There is one solution, however, which I've found ideal for a client of mine: WebHostingBuzz (.com or - pick the tld which is appropriate as they have servers in many different locations) offers Specialized Hosting for WP, Joomla, Drupal, etc. While on a shared server, they limit the number of accounts and ensure adequate access to the CPUs to keep traffic moving. My client used Joomla without any problem whatsoever (except the common requirement to keep it up to date to prevent "script kiddies" from hacking out of date code - or plugins).

    If you're looking for a testimonial for WHB, too, be assured that I have three accounts with them (shared, specialized and dedi) and rave about their FAST response times to problem tickets (which are generally requests for help rather than problems). They claim to be priced a bit higher for their top-of-the-line equipment and service but I've not seen anyone cheaper so I consider them to offer TOP products and service at a very low price.


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    I don't get idea to suggest the OP changing host to others in the US, UK?!?! He's running an .au domain with an Australian hosting vendor, the contact on site is in Australia too, I assumed he's serving local market. Moving his site out of Australia without checking more is giving him more slowness, do you guys recognize that?

    @Jabba82: there are 2 things you might want to check.
    1. Plugins: do you really need all those plugins? Are they optimized? WordPress itself is running fast, but bad-coding plugins can bring troubles. You can use P3 plugin for checking.
    2. The system resources limitation of your hosting account: check with your current vendor about their CPU, RAM, disk I/O limitations. If they keep logs in cPanel, check if your account has any issue with system resource usage.

    Let us know the results.
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