Hey everyone,

I'm at loss for words at how Odesk system works, it's designed to protect contractors and put Buyers at risk.

I started with a project with Fixed job, since no contractors is willing to work unless there is a down payment, I proceed to put in $20. After that the contractor says he can't do the job, says he will refund but went MIA since then, Odesk does not provide dispute for Fixed job.

After learning the lesson, I moved on to using hourly contractor. We both agreed on a budget of $800 even though it's on hourly, I was promised that I will be billed accordingly and will not exceed the budget.

This week I'm getting billed in full amount (total $800) even though the website is no where near complete, products weren't even added yet and it's definitely not ready to go live as there is still many details to work out.

The contractor refuse to refund, I filled a dispute only to realize Odesk does not evaluate the quality of work. As long the contractor logs their time properly, they will be paid. This open doors to shady contractor who will exploit it in the sense where as long they log their hours properly, they will be paid even though what they did is not usable nor complete.

I'm at loss of words since I'm on the losing end. Is there anything I can do such as prohibiting the payments since my odesk is linked to my paypal. Can I do something on paypal to stop the payment?