I'm trying to edit some content on this site. It appears to be that it is running on joomla. I've never used joomla, so my first question is; is this site running on joomla? (I have built a few sites in wordpress)

Based on Wappalyzer it is. Also, this page does exist and I can see some joomla files in the directory.


I've opened the configuration.php file and thought that I found the username and password, but they aren't working.

This is what I found.

var $password = 'PasswordIsHere';
public $root_user = 'UsernameIsHere';

Well, I think this is a simple issue and I should be able to figure out the password from the files on the ftp, but need a lil help.

Must I use the phpmyadmin to figure these out or reset these??