Locating phpmyadmin login

So, I need to edit some content on a website that someone else built. It appears that it was built using joomla. http://newportsportsclub.com/

I have the ftp, but I don’t know the login to joomla admin. The owner thinks he knows the phpmyadmin username and password, but I don’t know what url to go to in order to reset the password for joomla.

From what I understand I can only reset the password using phpmyadmin. Oh and of course we don’t have access to the email that is set up for the admin on joomla.

How do I figure out the phpmyadmin url??

thanks in advance.

The owner of the website should have access to cPanel (or whatever panel the host uses) which would give access to every aspect of the hosting account (including phpMyadmin).

You may be able to access cPanel at a URL similar to the following URL: http://newportsportsclub.com/cpanel

You may also find the following to be helpful as since you do have FTP access: http://docs.joomla.org/How_do_you_recover_your_admin_password%3F