Can't access Joomla login page

New to Joomla. I transferred a site (files and db). Site is online and working fine but can’t login to Joomla. Hositng company can’t figure out why. The site is The admin login URL won’t even work: We did find the front end login we think here: but old Joomla login UN and PW for user or admin won’t work.

I created a db and user in cpanel > My PHP Admin
Then, I followed these instructions:, I changed the config file and imported the db.

But can’t access the login.

Thanks so much for your help in advance!

In case it helps someone…

We got it working by disabling the plugins and then reenabling the default plugins. Looks like the problem was with the FSecure plugin - no key. Also, there were some files missing that we added including the standard Joomla authentication module.

Have you edited the cofigaration.php file at Public_html. First edit the config file.

Thanks for the feedback. Yes, we did. We actually got it up and running. Thanks.