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    Sending data from Flash to mysql php database

    Hello, I am new to php and phpMyadmin. I created my first database and find it really cool. I have a Wordpress website. I am thinking, of using phpMyadmin with Flash as3. I build a login and register page. I think visually it would look great! However, I am somewhat uncertain how you intergrate a as3 fla or swf file into a php database?
    I have been learning php for about 2 days lol. My knowledge is nonexistent.
    Hope anyone have experience on this and can give me your advice.
    Thanks in advance

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    Fortunatelly for you, this is a piece of cake

    It doesn't matter if you're using AS3, you're still using a form and a form needs to take "action". In this case, your action will be calling to the PHP script page that handles the data and which will receive the values of the form as if it was a regular HTML page.

    I hope this helps


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