Flash AS3 with MS Access as database...Need help

Hi everyone, good day.

Is there any one here who can give some insights or ideas on how to insert and retrieve data using Flash Actionscript 3.0 with MS Access as database?

By the way, i mentioned MS Access as my database because that’s what we’re using at the office.

Any help is deeply appreciated.

Thank you in advance.

Thanks for the response BlaineSch. How about this one http://www.metah.ch/as3/video/interactDB_skin.swf? Is it okay to use that technique?

By the way thanks for the link, i found it helpful.

hi again,

Well, for this project, the user doesn’t permit to create a form. The system already comes with the form i created, is the tutorial best for me to follow?

Yes, that would work perfectly. Anybody can make a form and submit the post data to a page. This however also generates a problem this does not test for…

Say for instance a user makes his own form and submits the post data to your PHP file which attempts to add an unfiltered email to the database… possibility of an sql injection or inserting js to steal cookies… etc etc.

It would be wiser if the PHP file did the checking instead of the flash, returned a “1” for true, or the error message for false.

Putting database information in a flash object is very risky, since it can be downloaded and decompiled.

It is recommended you transfer XML messages back and forth from the server.