I and a few others run a fairly small but popular website that has been doing quite well, having developed quite a loyal following. I’m not going to bore you with details but it’s fairly unique content not available anywhere else.

A fairly large, non-english foreign website (we’re talking millions of views per month and a very good Alexa rank for their Country) has approached me to ask whether I would give permission for them to translate my content into their language for publication on their site. They have assured me that full credit and backlinks will be provided.

Whilst I’m pretty chuffed they want to do this, and think it would be good exposure for our site, I just wanted to get a few other peoples’ opinion, and any conditions I should insist upon. Obviously, the backlinks are vital, but what else?

Would I be right to assume that Google won’t flag this as duplicate content as it will be in another language, plus a link back to the original source?