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    Quote Originally Posted by Stevie D View Post
    Similarly when I first came to SPF, I learned a lot of useful, practical things from the forums. These days I feel that my design repertoire – while in no way being comprehensive – is sufficient for what I need. I'm sure a lot of other people feel the same. There's been a shift in the way people work. Far more people are now throwing together Joomla templates with a bit of Jquery splattered over them, and so that's what people (and especially newbies) are more likely to ask about. Social media is another buzzphrase, but there's only a limited amount you can say about it.
    The problem being that in the technical area, things are constantly changing, so if those initial members aren't around anymore, or new members of a similar level, then discussions in areas such as responsiveness, custom theme development, changes in dev languages uses and methods, aren't covered with the depth they could be.

    I mean, all joking aside, but a forum full of so many Joomla questions and posts can't really be regarded as a "serious" developers forums. Sorry, I know there may be those wh will argue this point, but to me it was an alarm bell.
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