I am looking to have a system designed for a mass-production facility/factory which will encompass all parts of the process. It will manage:

- raw materials management - i.e. stock levels and flow, value etc.
- the flow of production from preparation of raw materials to process timings/inputs/outputs to packaging and distribution
- employees, shifts + plugin to "check-in/check-out" hardware - such as a fingerprint scanner which can pass data to the system
- client management - who they are, what they are demanding, at what price, and when they require it - this should then dictate the production process/timings/raw material requirements
- profit & loss on the basis of production + demand
- scalable to more products, materials, clients, and more factories with their own stocks, staff, clients etc.

- Accessible around the world - e.g. by management sitting in other countries
- Accessible on mobile devices (perhaps with limited capabilities)
- Secure - security features to ensure a bot attack can't break into the system, and with full permissions and logging system to reduce/monitor malicious use

I am a (relatively) experienced PHP/MySQL programmer, but I am not necessarily going to create this system. I believe PHP/MySQL is suitable, but there might be something better. I am looking for your suggestions and thoughts.