These are tech forums, mostly.

The biggest problem I personally see on SPF today is that anyone is allowed to make straight up outrageous claims and suppositions, out loud, with nothing to back them up, not even their personal work, or, even more, despite their shoddy personal work and example. Point being, don't preach when you don't reach.

A scoring system on posts, like on stackoverflow, would really help those that want to learn, to distinguish between ego-talkers and useful debaters.

SPF staff, bring up the noise filters, please. It's staying in the way of clear answers and legitimate debates.

Posters, put your money where your mouth is first. Don't mimic knowledge, we've all come here to learn.


Why am I bringing this up? Because not once, not twice, but three times I got in trouble here because of technical fluff posters with nothing relevant to say but misguided generalized stuff. If I could be somehow excused from hearing yet another poster claiming flagrantly stupid stuff over my posts and then suffering to watch it playing dumb and coward and asinine after I proved it wrong, I could focus on making the debate go "up", not "down".