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    Advice on choosing server-side scripting platforms

    Since this is a recurrent theme (a question along the lines of "What server-side language should I learn?" is started approximately once a month), I thought it might be helpful to create a single thread (a one-stop-shop if you will) listing useful sources of information to aid this decision-making process...

    First off, some pages that provide a pro/con analysis (and brief discussion) of each of the following scripting languages/platforms (with an eye on XML support too):

    SitePoint resident Kevin Yank has also written some articles on this topic:

    Here's article on the particular topic of .Net vs PHP, followed by the thread started in response to it:

    I have also drawn together numerous past threads where this topic has (IMHO) been discussed in a constructive, balanced way or contains one or more particularly good posts on a particular language, so be sure to read each thread in its entirety. They are presented in no particular order:

    In order to stop this becoming YET ANOTHER discussion thread, I have asked an administrator to make it "Important" and lock it.

    Furthermore, if you would like to contribute any links that I have missed, please send a Private Message to a member of the Programming Team.
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