Which Server-Side Language Is Right For You?

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wow now this is what i call an article
thank you

has things changed much since 2001? what are today’s reasons in favour of one or another server side?

It was a good brief article that outline some of the major player in the server side world. Also, this probably the only unbiased article of it kind on the web. Thank you, I enjoyed it!

Real Eye-opener for all the web based language wariors defending their own technology. Completely unbiased article.

No drawbacks for JAVA.?

This is awesome, I look forward to the day when I will be able to do anything with PHP, I love it!!!

I’m surprised to see Ruby/Rails not get a mention…is there a reason why it was omitted?


Nice article. Though, neither ASP.NET nor Ruby/Rails was mentioned.

EDIT: just noticed when the article was written.

Java being so good ay? So why is it I know people who hate it and refuse to use it due to it being so SLOW. I’ve created a presentation using php and java applet the php executed straight away and had to wait for the slow java to respond.

A nice article however

Very, very in depth article. I love this…

As a youngster, I stumpled upon html/css and fell in love with the web. I started making websites a few years ago, using photoshop for the visual side of things.

Now I want to learn programming, mainly javascript for client-side and PHP for server-side. Many people put php against asp, some even said php had piss poor variable scope and that ASP was an enterprise level language. Everyone has their picks…

But for some reason I love programming in PHP. Yes, it’s simple so it makes sense to start with a simple language first. I’m majoring in computer science and I know I want to be a web application developer. Working with forums/cms/blogs/websites, etc…

I had made one big flaw though. I first compared php to html, but html is a visual and structural language. For one to learn how to program, they must see the pieces of the puzzle, not simply the entirety of it. Knowing how to piece those bits is a necessity.

In short, I am loving php and it’s my solutoin for right now. But I always want to expand my language, I’ve heard numerous people say they hate Java. But it’s powerful, no doubt. I also noticed PHP/Java had more job openings, Java had twice as many openings as PHP did.

I want to learn Java in the future, one because I want to be paid (obviously), but I love learning a core language from the ground up. Call me a young person with an old school way of doing things, I believe nothing is better than a solid understanding of core concepts about what tools you choose to use. I’m sure it’ll be hard as hell, but that only means it is worth it (of course that depends on the nature of your goal).

Great article guys, keep it up!

I think the writer should have recommended some books or some sties for beginners.

Check out amazon.com for books, there are different types of books as well. First sort out your needs and then decide what book you want. If you just want to get down and dirty, look for manual type books or beginner books that teach programming concepts along with specific syntax for a language.