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    Problem creating a Facebook Like Button - URL declared invalid

    I'm trying to create (a better) 'Like' button for a web page. I am following the Facebook ''Like Box' widget, but I'm baffled by the error message I'm getting on the very first box. The box asks for 'Facebook Page URL' and the hint says 'The URL of the Facebook Page for this Like box'. I am interpreting that to mean I have to insert the URL of the page (on my web site) on which I'm seeking to place the Like button. Is this actually correct ? Every time I try this a pink error box comes up saying 'Could not retrieve ID for the specified page. Please verify correct href was passed in.'

    I did actually achieve this some months ago, but have forgotten exactly what I did. (I ended up with a tiny little 'Like' button, which is why I'm trying again). The URL shown in the code downloaded is '', which is what I'm trying to enter this time around. I've also tried variants such as ''. I'm not convinced this is the right thing to do !

    The way I'd understand the hint is that I need to enter the URL of a FACEBOOK page, which is surely going to start '' and have the name of my Facebook account after it. I've tried this too without any luck. All the sites I've looked up for explanation just say 'enter the URL' or words to that effect, as though it was very straightforward. So perhaps I'm making heavy weather of it (or the error is itself incorrect ?

    Can anyone help me, please ?
    Tim Dawson
    Isle of Mull, Scotland

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    I noticed this on another app recently and it would seem that Facebook is starting to require their meta data tags to exist on pages for certain features. I'm surprised this is the case for the like button given the goal of the program and imagine you'd be just fine getting the code for a site that works and swapping the link out.

    However adding og [open graph] data is a very good idea to improve the quality of what's listed when someone does list your page.

    Details @
    - Ted S


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