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    Jquery stuff not working in IE6


    I've got a site:

    which uses jquery for various parts of the page, they all work in chrome, Safari, FF and Opera even IE8, I have 3 bits of functionality that do not work on the home page, can anyone tell me why these may not be working:

    1. Drop down top navigation - The navigation at the top drops down to reveal positioned content area. This all displays but in IE 6 the dropdown menu does not appear, it looks like it is hidden behind the content area. I have set the z-indexs of the positioned elements but it still does not come to the front.

    2. The vertical tabbed area at the bottom left - This works as expected in all browsers etc IE6 the logic works in part. but it does not remove the "currentTab" image when selecting a different tab. the tabbed panel also does not line up

    3. The "open days" promo image bottom right does not have hover feature - Again this does not work in IE6 only, when you hover over the image a content area should slide up to reveal some text.

    These bits of functionality can be viewed working in FF/Chrome/Safari

    Any help would be great..

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    IE6 effectively died in March of last year. Funerals were held for it an everything.

    Those issues all seem to be CSS issues.
    As an example, one of the issues that might be affecting you is that IE6 can only handle one class name per element.

    You might still though find some people over in the CSS forum who can help with those IE6-based CSS issues.
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