IE6 Dropdown Menu

I am unable to find out why the mainnav dropdown menu is not working in IE6:

In every other browser it appears to work fine.

Any help is greatly appreciated. :slight_smile:


How have you supported the hover effect on elements other than anchors in IE6?

I didn’t see any specific js or htc files for IE6 or did I miss them?

IE6 doesn’t understand li:hover ul() so you have to add the function with js such as used in the suckerfish menus.

Oh OK, I don’t have either of those things for IE6. So this is a jQuery fix that I’m looking for or straight JavaScript?


The source you were looking at is just native JS and works great, but if your not fond of using JS a cool script i found called Selectivizr works a treat. Basically what it does is emulates pseudo selectors that only work in newer browsers but allows you to continue all the work in your CSS and not in JS snippets.

If you are already using jquery then sgtLegends advice above should help you out.

For sites that don’t use jquery then either add the whatever hover htc and work with your existing css. Or alternatively add that short suckerfish script that I mentioned above. You can see it working here in an [URL=“”]old demo of mine but the css needs changing also to reflect the new class additions.