We're finally there! Tomorrow's semi-final between Holland and Uruguay is happening at last!

Holland Vs. Uruguay
July 6, 2010, 7:30 PM (GMT)

What to say? They've both delivered extremely strong performances in South Africa. The Netherlands has never won the World Cup to date. Their biggest success were two consecutive finals in 1974 and 1978.

Uruguay, on the other hand, has won the World Cup before. That, however, dates back all the way to 1930 which was the very first official World Cup ever and, surprise, surprise, it was held in Uruguay.

Given both teams' current top form, this will be a game among equals.

Uruguay's strength lies in their discipline. They play defensively, wait for the opponent to make mistakes and then set for a counter attack.

They are very organised, have a solid defense and a Diego Forlan, who's currently in excellent shape and pretty much their top joker. Their Achilles' heel for this game, however, is their offense. Luis Sanchez, their top scorer, who saw the red card against Ghana and got suspended as a result, will leave Diego Forlan as Holland's biggest threat. Their biggest strength, however, lies in the defense. If they can eliminate Arjen Robben, Holland's most dangerous forward, they might stand a good chance of deciding this game for them.

Holland. They have not lost a single game so far. They are extremely secure, smart strategists, and play, not unlike Uruguay, very defensive football. And they have "stars" in their team, people who may not work perfectly as a collective, but are made up of incredibly strong individual players who make the difference and can turn a game in their favour through single actions.

Like their opponents, they do very little at the front, and when they do, it's usually the midfielders playing long and precise passes to Arjen Robben. And righfully so. Holland's foward is almost a goal guarantee - along with Wesley Sneijder - most likely the two players, who'll decide over Holland's win or defeat. Should those two be in top form and spirit tomorrow, and Mathijsen back in the start-11, then the chances are pretty high that they'll make it to the finals.

My tip? Netherlands vs. Uruguay 2:1

If that happened, it'd be Holland's first World Cup win.