FIFA World Cup, June 11 2010: Uruguay vs. France

[CENTER]Friday, June 11 2010, in the FIFA World Championships

[b]Uruguay vs. France[/b]

Who do YOU think will win?[/CENTER]

yeah, no kidding, it sounds like they’re playing inside a giant busy beehive


by the way, i have never seen a bigger bunch of nancy boys as the french and uruguayans

what a bunch of sissies

those guys are even worse at flopping than derek fisher

Well, that was money for old ropes. Complete waste of time.

Nancy boys indeed! Hope this game doesn’t set the trend for this championship.

btw, what’s up with those ^@#*! trumpets? If that continues I’d have to buy some new ear drums by the time the championships are over :nono:

Allez, allez, Ribery! :smiley:


boooooooring :nono:

Maybe that’s why the game was so boring. All the players were totally anxious and distracted because they constantly thought they were being attacked by bees :smiley:

France (3:1)