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    SitePoint Forumcast: After Hours Episode 2 is out!

    Dear SitePoint Community!

    SitePoint ForumCast: After Hours! Episode 2 is out and you can download it and listen to it.

    The SitePoint Forumcast is a Community based "podcast style" project. It is fun, voluntary and for the Community. We deliver all the latest news and announcements, ranting segments, thread highlights, off topic segments and Q & A sessions to name but a few! After much hard work from all the team we are finally ready to get this project underway! We hope that you enjoy listening to our shows as much as we did in putting it all together! We will publish all upcoming shows exactly one month from the last publication so keep an eye out here in the News & Announcement Section for the next installment!

    Many thanks to HQ for all their assistance, guidance and support throughout this project.

    Enjoy the Show guys!
    Nuria, Hazel & Mike
    ForumCast Management Team

    Meet the ForumCast Team:
    Co Founders/Co Hosts: - Molona & Mizwizzy
    ForumCast Management: - Molona, Mizwizzy & SpikeZ
    Contributors including Manangement^: AlexDawson, Kohoutek, Black Max, AndrewCooper

    SitePoint ForumCast: After Hours! Episode #2 with your co-hosts Nuria & Hazel
    Coming up on this month's show - Mike will make us sing with his jam session, Mizwizzy will tell us what's going on in General Chat while Alex Dawson will kindly guide us through what thread to read and Kohoutek will review her CSS book for us... and I'll end up ranting!!

    Episode Summary
    * Introduction, Latest Forum News with Nuria, Hazel
    * General Chat Catch-Up with Hazel
    * Jam Session with Mike
    * MOTM Interview with Michael and special guest AndrewCooper
    * Book Review with Maleika - "Handcrafted CSS by Dan Cederholm"
    * Thread Highlight Segment with Alex
    * Rant Segment with Nuria

    Listen in your Browser
    Simply select play to listen to this show from the comfort of your own browser!

    Download the Show
    You can also download this Episode by following the link below
    (Runtime: 48mins 59secs - File Type: MP3 - File size: 44.8MB)

    Subscribe Directly to our RSS Feed
    For your convenience you can now subscribe to our RSS Feed

    Listen via iTunes - You can use iTunes and subscribe to our forumcast

    Show Transcript & Links
    For a full list of links mentioned in the show please visit:
    Full Audio Transcript - TranscriptEp2 (txt) TranscriptEp2 (rtf) TranscriptEp2 (doc)
    SpikeZ Jam Backing Track
    Jam Backing Track

    Contact Information for this month’s Contributors

    Skype ID: SPMolona or via e-mail:
    Skype ID: spmizwizzy or via e-mail:
    Mike (SpikeZ):
    Skype ID: spspikez or via e-mail:
    Contact via SP Profile or via my website
    Maleika (Kohoutek):
    Contact via
    Michael (Black Max):
    Contact via or via my website
    Andrew Cooper: Contact via SP Profile

    Thanks for listening guys, keep a look out next month for our next episode! Please feel free to contact us with your comments, suggestions or improvements we can make to the ForumCast by emailing

    ForumCast Theme Music

    The theme music of our show is kindly provided by Jacqui Taylor.
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