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    software like dreamweaver for working with database driven sites?

    i hope I am explaining this ok.

    I want to build a site that would definitely need a database backend. The content would be user submitted, categorised, rated, etc etc All obvious candidates for storing, adding, deleting records in databases.

    Prob is i cant afford to pay someone to do it, so I'll have to. I don't have the time to get good at learning php and mysql etc. My real life just gets in the way. I understand the basics & theory but dont have hours to spend on syntax error troubleshooting etc lol

    What i need is some nice GUI software that does for databases & website creation what dreamweaver does with html.

    This is probably a bad example but i remember vaguely building forms and storing & retrieving data using msoft access for example.

    Any suggestions? Free software is best of course!

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    PHP with MySQL database is a better combination. If you are not much familiar with coding and database management part then I would suggest you to install one of the freely available CMS like wordpress, Joomla etc to make your website.


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