Software to use for building my Webdesigning Site

Dear Site point friends,
Please suggest me a software to use for building my Website .i’m in a confusion weather to use cms or Rvsitebuilder or dreamweaver ? my site is to sell web designs hosting and domain registration please help me out

This is a big question. It sounds like you need to do a bit more planning and research. You firstly should work out what your requirements are. Will a static site be enough, or will it need to be more dynamic? If the former, a simple code editor (like Dreamweaver, although there are better tools that are free) will be enough. If the latter, then you’ll need to look into what CMSes are available and what best suits your need.

If you are new at it, try any CMS. The only points you would probably face would be while creating pricing tables, and giving it a professional look and feel. You would probably need a lot of time to finish designing a web hosting website. I have designed many and even I took atleast 7 days being an expert.

You can also try out some pre built template…

It sounds like you have a pretty big job ahead of you. I have just started using Drupal for a CMS and I am finding that it is more of an enterprise based CMS compared to WP. For a code IDE I personally love Netbeans or Visual Studio much more than Dreamweaver (I believe VS Express is free).

Good luck.

What “stack” is your prefence/are going to use: PHP or .NET? SQL Server or MySQL? Knowing that I can recommend the right IDE.

Sir i’m good at mysql and has some experience of php and Recommend me a bit faster Solution please

If this is for s portfolio site Wordpress would *seem adequate enough.

I think the WP suits you better. Three parts are there,

  1. Website design and development
  2. Domain Registration
  3. Hosting
    For the first you need wp, for second and third you have to take the re-seller account.