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    Novel way to handle multiple windows, ideal for Windows developers?

    I stumbled across this technique that may especially appeal to developers with multiple windows. Usually I struggle with switching windows and seem to be constantly resizing to prevent overlap.

    Open at least four windows then right-click on the Task-bar and select "Show windows side by side".

    Image shows seven windows open side-by-side using two monitors.


    Notice the small margin above each window. Dragging any title bar to the screen top opens the window in full screen. Using the F11 key also displays full screen.

    To revert to the "side by side" display, drag the title bar slightly down or once again use the F11 key. The screen will immediately pop back into place.

    If you use Windows, give it a whirl. If it does not work then please specify your windows version.
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    If you just need two windows open per screen it is even easier - just hold down the window key (bottom left of the keyboard) and press left or right arrow to make the window take exactly half the screen.
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    I think I would even more stressed with such a configuration

    I do recall a software that we used to use in our company precisely to divide the screen into areas so that different windows would fit in each area. This is just another way to try to optimze the space and I guess it will work for some.

    I'm not too sure that it will for me though but it is always good to find new ways of doing things... because then you can really choose what's best for you

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    Thanks! I'll give it a try. Resizing to prevent overlap has always annoyed me & most of the time I end up spending more time accidentally closing something I wasn't intending to. Hopefully this will help.


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