Screen Resolution testing

I saw an article on sitepoint a while ago whcih showed a piece of software or a website whcih showed what parts of a website a user would be able to see of a webpage when loaded in different resolutions. I really need to find this site.

Any idea what it was called?

Don’t know what that was, but this Firefox addon is handy for testing different screen sizes:

I have a commercial program called Actual Window Manager, it adds stuff like roll-up, window snapping, alignments, always on top, move to bottom, ghosting, multiple desktops, minimize to tray etc to your applications… pretty useful for general management. But one feature I use the most is the window resize tool, it let’s you shape any window to what would make up any windows resolution… and it works for every web browser / app, I use it to test my websites (might be useful for you).

You can use and select a screen resolution.

Except the problem with using those kind of tools are they only account for what’s visible on the screen. when things get interactive they are useless. :slight_smile:

Maybe you’re thinking of
Resolution Test How to Break Up with Firefox