I haven't found a clear, conclusive answer for this issue yet... A few years ago, I used the products Jing and Jing Pro to take video screen captures (in .SWF and .MP4 formats) for my portfolio of work. I'm now getting around to updating my portfolio to HTML5 (about time!), but I've had problems converting one .SWF file in particular.

I first tried using the online tool at www.flash-banner-converter.com; it produced a 16-pixel square blur and stripped out the audio. I tried the Miro converter, but it only converted the audio. I even tried playing the .SWF in Flash Player and recapturing it using SnagIt, but it only captured the opening frame.

I'm thinking that perhaps this one particular .SWF may have been encoded differently from others that I've used. Anyone have any suggestions on a good tool or technique to use? TIA!