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    WordPress plugin for Survey with sub-categories

    I want to create a survey on my website with 15 questions in 5 categories, 3 yes/no questions in each category, each question progressively more correct than the first. They can answer "yes" to only one question in the category.

    I'm looking for a WP survey plugin that will show the results for each category. For example, if a user answers yes to the first question in a category, they get a score of "Low" in that category. If they answer "yes" to the 2nd question, they get a "Medium." If they answer "yes" to the third question, they get a "High." Is there a plugin to handle this, or must I go to a custom solution?
    Paul C.

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    Try here:

    You may have to dig around and try things out in order to find something that meets your requirements.
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