Thanks for reading this thread, I'm just looking for some assistance in our situation.

The scenario is: We have procured the EMD (Exact match domain) of a band name - the domain owner has not wanted to sell up to this point, but we've been able to work out a deal.

The band is using but we have the EMD which is

The concept is to rank this site at the top of Google at #1 for "Band name" < over 5,000,000 exact searches a month.

What precautions do we need to implement? We will have a terms/disclaimer page in our footer that will clarify that we are not "Band Name" but instead, just a "Band name fansite"

Obviously we want to monetize through the site, by ads/mail lists, selling fan products, members are VIP etc. What do we need to be aware of when we take this route - what are the border lines.

We will be producing all of the content ourselves, except images. The images - what are our options? Can we only use iStock/Getty type images?

Any assistance in this matter will be amazingly beneficial and much appreciated - Thank you in advance!