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    Moving wordpress to subfolder problem

    Hi, I am trying to move my wordpress site from root to a folder called 'wordpress'.

    I am following these steps:

    However, at Step 3 where it says "Login to the new location. It might now be", i am getting a page not found 404 error.

    Can someone plz help me out?

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    Personally, I wouldnt move it to a folder called Wordpress. The trick with Wordpress is to try to prevent bots/visitors from knowing that you are using Wordpress. The reason is if they know you are using Wordpress then there is a series of things they can try (the might not succeed) to get into your wp-admin.

    With that in mind, I would move it to a folder with your website name in it.
    Now how to get your website working in that subfolder.

    Do you have access to PHP MY ADMIN? Who is your webhost?
    MYCFMX (Under Construction)

    More from me - coming soon

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