Thien is currently a student of University of Science Ho Chi Minh where he studies Physics and Engineering. His research field involves physics, new materials and nano-electronics for novel spintronics technology.

Thien's articles

  1. Building a Simple Blog App with MongoDB and PHP

    If you want to create a blog using MongoDB and PHP, this article will teach you to:

    • Connect to a MongoDB database
    • Save documents in a collection
    • Query documents in a collection
    • Perform range queries
    • Sort documents, update a document, delete one or more documents from a collection

    The reason I chose to build a blog application is because it is a basic CRUD application and it is very suitable for easing into PHP and MongoDB web development. We will build a plain user interface using Bootstrap with simple textboxes and buttons. A MongoDB database will store all the content. You can download full source from github, see a demo frontend here and try the demo app’s backend with the user name and password being duythien.

  2. Sending Confirmation Emails with Phalcon and Swift

    Today, sending emails is considered the basic functionality of any web application. Usually, an email is sent to notify the user of some kind of activity that has taken place on the website, such as when he registers the account, updates information, or when new friends have been found. In this short tutorial I’ll show […]