Tim has been a web developer and web standards fanatic since 2004. He currently runs CSSKarma and keeps all his project notes in a book labeled "Stories of a CSS Ninja." Tim dies a little inside everytime he sees a table-based layout.


  1. Adapting an Interface for Touch Devices

    The world we design for is changing at a fairly rapid pace. This time last year the mobile web was the hot topic. We were all building optimized versions of our sites and applications for handheld devices, and marveling at how much we could make them look like native iPhone apps. Shortly after that, when […]

  2. 20 Sites That Brought CSS into the Mainstream

    So many web sites have contributed to the advancement of CSS, it’s quite a tricky task to produce a shortlist, as Tim Wright discovered. Some are indisputable and at the forefront of everyone’s minds, while others are less conspicuous but no less deserving in Tim’s Hall of Fame.

  3. CSS Angles: Just the Edge Your Web Page Needs!

    The CSS border property is a surprisingly handy tool for creating all kinds of shapes — not just boxes! In this article, Tim shows us how to use pure CSS to create all manner of fun visual effects normally reserved for images.

  4. Tomorrow’s CSS Today: 8 Techniques They Don’t Want You To Know

    Sick of hearing about great CSS features you can’t use? Find yourself playing it safe with CSS when building web sites? Wondering where went yesterday’s promise of a bright future with CSS? Future CSS support is closer than you think! Tim shows 8 advanced CSS features you can use to add some pizazz to your web pages today.