1. Things to Do With Firefox 1.5

    Firefox 1.5 is here, and available for all to download and use. Many of you no doubt have tried out the Beta and Release Candidate builds. Here’s a list of things to do and see with Firefox 1.5. Use the back and forward buttons to see the dramatic increase in rendering speed resulting from Firefox’s […]

  2. One Year and 100 Million Downloads Later, Firefox have a gallery of screenshots up to celebrate Firefox’s first birthday. In its first year of official release it has enjoyed more than 100 million downloads (check out the celebratory photo gallery) and is now tipped to have reached 10% market share (see Asa Dotzler’s excellent blog). One year after releasing 1.0, version 1.5 […]

  3. CAPTCHA are Not a Security Measure

    Every so often an article or blog post pops up somewhere on the internet about how wonderful image-based (or even sound-based) CAPTCHA are for security of web forms. I am going to point out, again, the obvious problem with CAPTCHA and why I do not recommend them for use on the web.

  4. Set Us Up The Catfish – Part 2: SlideMe

    In Part 1, Alex introduced our implementation of Catfish ads and demonstrated how we managed to have them appear at the bottom of the window, in all browsers, without jerky motion while scrolling. If you missed it, go back and have a look through part 1. We found a handy way of working around Internet […]

  5. How Readable is Your PHP?

    New today is a post on Smoking toooooo much PHP entitled Six deadly PHP sins, this week…. The article gives a quick list of tips for PHP developers on why they definitely should avoid in their code. One of the entries is titled Every variable should start somewhere. In a previous blog post, I mentioned […]

  6. The WordPress Security Update

    Stefan Esser over at the PHP Security Blog is not happy. He’s just written a blog posted titled WordPress – developers totally nuts claiming that only hours after releasing version 1.5.2, the developers patched some additional security flaws and re-uploaded the download file without labelling it any differently. Stefan had previously contacted WordPress about security […]

  7. PHP 6.0 Ingredients

    In other news over the weekend, Rasmus posted his personal wish list of features for PHP 6.0. Comments in the SitePoint Forums about the proposals have largely been positive, with some caveats. Web hosts are concerned about backward-compatibility problems, mentioning that the break in compatibility between version 4.x and 5.0 is already proving a great […]

  8. The Problem With ‘extract’

    In news over the weekend, Stefan Esser over on the PHP Security Blog wrote up a strong criticism of the new article 10 Tips That Every PHP Developer Should Know, Part 2 (part of a two part series). Apart from the fact the article’s author Jeffery Vaska can’t seem to count to ten (thanks Jules […]

  9. PHP Security, Answered

    Terry Chay has written up a detailed response to common complaints about PHP security. He addresses many of the common complaints thrown at PHP such as PHP’s use of the global namespace, PHP’s decision to turn off register_globals in 4.2, and the problems with features such as stripslashes and magic quotes (which I’ve blogged about […]

  10. PHP – Now Available For Your Wall

    Back in February when I blogged about quick references available for PHP, SitePoint’s PHP Quick Reference Poster was only a twinkle in our collective eyes. So I’m happy now to be able to say that that poster is now a reality, and available from our online store. The poster’s got lots of the sort of […]