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  1. Is The Way We Communicate With Clients All Wrong?

    I had a client meeting today, though it was a different than usual. I had the distinct privilege to be working with a committee on a web design project. Yes, some of what they say about design by committee is true, but by sitting in on their meeting, I was able to gain some unique […]

  2. How To Preserve User Data Using SQLite or Core Data on Apple Devices

    When building an iOS application, one thing to consider is a concept called “data persistence.” Data persistence is a method of holding onto data in case the application or device is reset. No one wants to be playing a game or updating their checkbook and lose everything after a reset because a poorly-designed app did […]

  3. Parsing XML files with Objective-C

    Perhaps the simplest app to create is a blog feed reader. Typically you will not find a native mobile app that’s there only to display a feed. Normally, this is a task best left for a website or a web-based application. Starting with the basics, RSS feeds are typically XML, which uses special tags to […]

  4. Infinity Blade 2

    In general, consumers are looking for a game they can play for a minute or two and feel completely satisfied. One of the precious gems that fits this need on the App store is Infinity Blade II. Combine instant gratification with a compelling story, role playing game mechanics, and an infinite amount of entertainment and […]